Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-28

  • Went for a brief workout tonight. Will have to process and blog about an interesting juxtaposition while there. #
  • Just starched and pressed some shirts. Perhaps I should take in laundry on the side? Gas is going up, after all. #
  • @CP2tech01 There is nothing funny about my Tweeting about my laundry. Except, of course, that I seem to do it several times a week. Scary. #
  • @macboyx Great. Hope you are both still in it together. Non-funny April Fools (at least I hope). #
  • @dmcordell Yes, it seems I can then make some money . . . #
  • @susny Fascinating how our thinking goes. I have grown to like life narrative and biographical qualitative work. #
  • @pinoyboy Wishing you success with your malbec. #
  • @pinoyboy What uniform? #
  • @maniactive ts MInt juleps. My mint is just beginning to apppear, so hope it will be ready for the weekend. #
  • Got to work and am all wet. Good thing my LLBean shoes kept my socks dry. Pants and jackets dry while wearing them; socks, not so much. #
  • Making a link to Northern Voice but the website says Drupal Camp. WTF?? #
  • Really looking forward to today’s beginning of the Connected Futures (cp2tech01) Workshop. I just blogged about why I am attending it. #
  • Found an interesting healthcare website "Making Web Videos on a Shoestring Budget: HIN’s Four-Part Video Series" #
  • Off to a meeting. #
  • Just called the call-in number for the CP2tech01 – The Connected Futures Workshop that is starting now. #
  • Some interesting chat occurring now in the background. #
  • Was considering microblogging the session, but decided not to. #
  • Somewhat disconcerting that many people are discussing the CP2tech session via skype. Cannot get it through the firewall. #
  • That is one of the rich issues about the variety of experiences in the online world today. Good learning there, especially for community. #
  • Glad people are taking notes via skype. Is somewhat more internal than using Twitter. Ohh, the public! #
  • @Currie I am indeed. Very exciting! #
  • @maniactive Very true. Lots and lots of it! #
  • Do many of you out in the Twitterverse have access to skype through organizational firewalls? #
  • Ahh, time for the rest of us. #
  • There, said my piece. Glad it is being recorded as well as scribed via skype. #
  • @Currie You are going to join us? #
  • @Currie Who isn’t busy?! #
  • @coyenator Good question . . . I think I heard that one before . . . #
  • @smithjd Time check — are we planning to end in 5 minuites? We got a start time, but not an ending time. #
  • @kanter Show off! #
  • @coyenator You are quiet . . . #
  • @CP2tech01 Cute. We need an avatar or icon for Twitter. Perhaps even the name #CP2tech01 in a box? #

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