Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-25

  • Doing laundry, again this week. #
  • Wow the laundry room is hot right now. #
  • I wonder where lint comes from. Anybody know? #
  • A stain removal tip. Pour Tide on the stain (like wine or sauce) and allow to dry. Wash normally. Voila. If stain is stubborn, repeat once. #
  • Worked out tonight after laundry. Wide awake now. #
  • @skydaddy I saw most of the movie once, about 20 years ago. I decided to read the book because I heard Eco on and NPR interview. Impressive. #
  • Went to bed late since my workout woke me up. Overly sleepy now. #
  • Just bought something from England. 1 U.S. Dollar = 0.494676 British Pounds. Am I the only one getting angry about the deflating US dollar? #
  • @kanter Help or hello? Anyway, there it is!!! #
  • @heyjudeonline Welcome to the rest of the world, Judy! #
  • Attending an interesting free online conference on healthcare changes. #
  • The focus is on US / Canadian healthcare changes. Click the last link to attend it for free. #
  • It is using a wonderful free online conference using the DimDim platform I have never used this one before. #
  • @heyjudeonline Wish I could join you there. Enjoy it. #
  • @kanter Twitter is useful to connect with others using highly targeted statements and questions without bulky software installs. #
  • @kanter It is also a great way to follow what colleagues do and think in a less formal and quicker way than blog or video posts. #
  • @kanter Of course! Twitter is a communications tool, not a lifestyle. Communication implies something to communicate! #
  • @kanter Of course, some people (Beth??) do integrate it into a lifestyle!!!! #
  • @kanter This Q&A you are facilitating with your students is an example of this process. You are getting feedback from a variety of places. #
  • @kanter I used Twitter in my class this week to get some immediate examples of free brainstorming software titles; I could not think of any. #
  • @BronSt Spill coffee on the culprit? #
  • @heyjudeonline Sleep well, Judy. Nice speaking with you here in real-time. #
  • Was enjoying the excellent diologue on healthcare
    when suddenly the online session stopped. #
  • Tried to log back on, and nothing. Nobody answered the 866 number, either. Tried that numerous times. Disappointed, as it was excellent. #
  • Twitter is a great place to blow off some steam! #
  • @BronSt Oh, is that your new nickname? #
  • Sitting in the parking lot of Home Depot. Washer and dryer are still scheduled for tomorrow. Clean clothes at last! #
  • Listening to vintage Eurythmics on Sirius 1st Wave. Still at Home Depot. #
  • Pizza and wine. Can a better dinner combo exist? #

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