Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-18

  • Been rereading and still processing @brlamb’s excellent reflective post-NMC Mashup blog post #
  • @maniactive Have never tried it out loud. Interesting thoughts about it. #
  • @scope_community I think the premise is interesting, that of a national research agenda. I can not think of anything similar in the US. #
  • Happy work wired us so we can print directly to the large Ricoh copier. PDF’s can go directly to b/b and stapled. #
  • See a sign that JCPeney is opening a store in the Manhattan Mall in June 2009. The store is so complicated it takes 2 years to build it? #
  • @gsmith Perhaps you are working with hipper clients? #
  • World Trade Center rebuilding plans found by a homeless man in the trash? Only in New York! #
  • @injenuity Love the hair in the new shot. Very jealous. #
  • @maniactive and people think our multitasking can be problematic! #
  • @injenuity You can make some sweet vacation money for that . . . #
  • Weekend, here I come! #

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