Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-14

  • @moritherapy What is a "true" sabbath? #
  • Ever have those emails that you cannot read if the send agrees or disagrees with you? How do you handle them? #
  • Going for lunch. First time I stood up since I got into the office today. #
  • @moritherapy Perhaps it would be interesting to instead begin with a Tech Sabbath, a day when we spend time with life beyond the Web? #
  • @maniactive So, was it freeing or frustrating? #
  • @dctrcurry So, which shall we explore first? #
  • @Currie My snow finally finished melting on Saturday evening. We did have scattered snow yesterday, but no accululation. #
  • @leelefever Very cool, Lee. #
  • @grisonne What type of puppy are you searching for? #
  • @grisonne North of the city, in the Catskills. #
  • @pinoyboy I still love the scent of Crayola, and Play-Doh, too! #
  • @aidanhenry Excellent. How are they going with the recovery? #

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