Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-07

  • Just parked between a Porsche and a Lamborghini. Am I the only one feeling the hurting economy? #
  • @SarahStewart ts Yes, that is interesting. What do you make of it? #
  • Doing laundry. Want to be able to start the week off clean. #
  • @howardgr I saw the Fast Company ad for their social media area; while it sounds good, often those sites are mainly ad spaces. How is it? #
  • @aidanhenry What’s on tap for this week? #
  • New security began in our building this morning. Ids now open the electronic turnstiles. Crowd downstairs trying to figure out how to us … #
  • At the eye doctor and they want me to pay additional money for a refraction test. Smells like a money making scheme for me. #
  • @Currie Very much! I achieved Inbox = Zero this morning with my personal email; first time. Keeping up with work. University account next. #
  • Eyes being dilated. Still able to Tweet. #

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