Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-03

  • Just attended an NMC session on "Confessions of a Mashup Un-Artist" by @brlamb. I just did not get it. #
  • The session was meant to be artistic and boundary-pushing, but from my research-to-practice approach, I was looking for applicability. #
  • I liked the creativity, yet somehow I find a personal need to do something with it. #
  • I know, art can be for its own sake, but then I find, as an educator, that I will promote it to have an effect on students. #
  • Perhaps that is what @brlamb was trying to do, engage in conversation and thought about creative expression in SL? #
  • @fncll True, but doesn’t the education lead to application/function? #
  • @cogdog I know; that reminds me when I studied the humanities for years. I enjoyed nothing more than thinking about thinking. #
  • Now, I like to think about things to do something with. Not as a utilitarian, but more because I am constantly processing experiences. #
  • @jimgroom Perhaps, but then the imagination leads into something concrete. Even the artist then creates the art, the poetry, etc. #
  • @fncll True. #
  • I have a French film on a DVD playing in the background now. It makes me think of France, which in turn makes me consider visiting there. #
  • I am not interested in the issues around valuing art and creativity. I am struggling to process this and answer the "so what" question. #
  • @fncll I find it helpful to think of Mezirow’s Transformative Learning theory, which I find a comforting scaffolding when hit with the new. #
  • @nnoakes I am not familiar with loop input. What is that? #
  • @nnoakes Another name for that concept. Thanks. #
  • @cogdog That is called passion! #
  • @fncll Hello to your most excellent students! #
  • @skydaddy I like that way of thinking about Twitter. #
  • @mkgold I did the same. One thus far. I have been Tweeting and blogging about Twitter usefulness in higher ed. #
  • Doing a demo on how to teach Leadership. #
  • Just explained Twitter and how I am using it in my Project Management class to some colleagues. #
  • Ate lunch in Bryant Park. Did not know they had a carousel there. It is playing French music. Wow. #
  • Always amazed at how much there is around me here, which I only notice when I slow down to look. #
  • Have been processing the final session from last night’s final NMC #nmcsymposium08 session, and am here now: #
  • @ChrisRicca Go get ’em! #
  • @colecamplese No specific number, but I do review those I follow every week or two. I remove any I no longer read or regularly respond to. #
  • @BronSt Always energy to show colleagues how NYC is the Center of Civilization as We Know It! #
  • @Currie Wish our dollar were strong enough to the Euro for me to travel there this year. Alas, will have to spend money closer to home. #
  • @arjunsingh Congratulate her for me! #
  • @brlamb I find learning and growth comes mainly when I am confronted with the completely new. That is what I blogged about today! #
  • @pinoyboy Do tell. #

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