Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-02

  • Class just ended and students are completing the Critical Incident Questionnaire. #
  • I talked about Twitter in my class as an application that allows people to communicate and locate others with shared professional interest. #
  • Conducting a training needs analysis will reveal many of our learners will use technology, so we have to understand it to reach them. #
  • We do not have to use the technology, we just have to know about it and how our users use it. Without that, there is not a complete analysis #
  • Tried to log on to the NMC Symposium on Mashups, but could not connect on Second Life. #
  • I wish the support from the New Media Consortium would be available during the opening session. #
  • @JennyRobbins Welcome to the Twitterverse! Upload an image and some descriptive text next as well. #
  • I think I can now enter the Second Life NMC island. We’ll see tonight. #
  • @montgorp Welcome back to the Twitterverse! #
  • @skydaddy ts Great visuals; thank you. I do not ordinarily use the terminology of "formative assessment" as in the second one. Do you? #
  • @SarahStewart I can only send you positive vibes for finding this population. Have you tried searching "twitter midwife" on Google? #
  • @SarahStewart Or tried Tweet Scan? #
  • Anybody else attending the #NMC (New Media Consortium) Symposium on Mashups? #
  • @pinoyboy What station? Is there a draft again? #
  • @skydaddy Got it. #
  • I just posted a link to Lee Lefever’s Twitter video for my students. #
  • A colleague said I Tweet a lot about food, so now will discuss going for coffee less. #
  • Attending the NMC session with Cole Camplese "Mashing It Up at a Big University." #
  • Cole, in the NMC session, mentioned he is using Twitter for backchannel conversations in a classroom. Great idea. #
  • @colecamplese Great NMC session. A lot to think about and process. #
  • @fncll True, so therefore less to multitask with. #
  • @fncll One benefit of Adobe Connect vs. Elluminate–no downloads! #
  • @colecamplese It was very good, Cole. Lots to consider about how to implement for my own populations. #
  • Left work and on my way to get some glass that was being repaired. #

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