Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-16

  • @betsyweber On a Saturday evening?! #
  • Just printed a bunch of receipts for next year’s taxes. Getting organized from the beginning this time. #
  • Slow start to the day. Catching up with some writing. #
  • I had hoped to return to #BarCampNYC3 today, but there was an issue that arose that I have to address. #
  • I really liked #BarCampNYC3, and learned a lot as well as liveblogged about the sessions I attended. Now to begin processing them. #
  • Think I will need to attend some meetups here in New York. That is something I have not made time for . . . #
  • @injenuity Not wish I went, but glad I attended the last 2 Northern Voices all the way from New York. Well worth the time and expense. #
  • @pinoyboy Do not take them as a challenge . . . That has been my modus operandi too many times. #
  • @cogdog Yes, though you do Tweet your fair share . . . #
  • @hrheingold Do you do that for exercise or relaxation or both or other? #
  • @ChrisRicca Wish I could have attended today. Did you blog or otherwise communicate your thoughts about yesterday? #
  • @RobinYap I can imagine. #
  • @gsiemens Goodness, how did I get there then?! #
  • @brlamb How was the post-mortem Northern Voice lunch? #
  • @brlamb What is the background image you have on your Twitter page? It is rather engaging. #
  • @arjunsingh Travel safely! #
  • @brlamb Not sure if that is better or worse than if happening to your physical state! #
  • @hrheingold I think that shows your wisdom. I should follow your example. #

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