Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-14

  • Got my hair cut and it was straightened and blown forward. Retro. #
  • Showing a colleague the Twitter video
    by @leelefever. Such a creative way of teaching. #
  • @mkgold Very very cool. Was it recorded? #
  • Left positive feedback on ebay. #
  • #BarCampNYC3 is in 2 days. Getting excited. #
  • @betsyweber You drive a VW in Michigan?! #
  • Working on formatting a PowerPoint presentation. #
  • @pinoyboy Interesting, as I cannot but think of VW as European. Interesting how global firms blur the national identies of their products. #
  • Have a headache. Will get coffee. #
  • Need lunch. Perhaps a salad? #
  • Got a protein health salad and coffee. #
  • I have been trying to find a personal solution to organizing and grouping online bookmarks, and finally posted about what I did on my blog. #
  • Inbox = 0. First time I ever achived it on a Friday! #
  • @betsyweber I compensate by using IESpell when using Internet Exporer. #

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