Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-10

  • Sitting in Corner Bistro waiting for burgers. The music is too loud in here and does not represent the crowd here, at least in my assessment #
  • Really hot in here. Too dark for the time. However, the burgers are amazing. Worth the trade off. #
  • @jimgroom Welcome to the club! #
  • Sitting at the bar waiting for the burgers listening to a lecture by David Halperin on my iPod. Will have to blog about his work. #
  • @pinoyboy I have grown fond of sidecars as well. I suppose sidecar fans are just getting younger. #
  • Back to the routine. Question is, how to make the routine un-routine? #
  • Goon mandoo for lunch. Yumm. #
  • @dmcordell Amazing, with his squeaky-clean image as being an enforcer of the law. #
  • Why didn’t Gov. Eliot Spitzer explore prostitution where it is legal, such as Canada or Las Vegas? #
  • Listening to the news reminded me when Gov. Eliot Spitzer wanted to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. His popularity plummeted then. #
  • Gov. Eliot Spitzer spent how many thousands of dollars for a prositute? Where did he get that kind of money? #
  • See the expression on the governor’s wife’s face? Why drag her through this scandal and make her stand there? #
  • @injenuity Very true; I suppose I was thinking about the rest of Nevada and #

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