Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-26

  • @betsyweber That was what I gathered from #nv08 as well. #
  • @betsyweber Thought Tim Hortons was only in Canada! One day will get to Michigan. #
  • @_Yarbo_ Careful with starting too many new things at once. It will be easy to get overwhelmed and stop all of it. Expand the one you have! #
  • @velkr0 Thank you for the positive vibes. The flight was fine. I am still fascinated with Twitter. Amazing how simple yet profound it can be #
  • Going through 917 emails at work. Forst day back since #nv08. #
  • How many items and calls and emails and presentations can be successfully multitasked at once? #
  • I am amazed at how many people already added tags and comments to Flickr and blog posts in reaction to Northern Voice. I am still processing #
  • and still trying to find the time for this! #
  • Getting a sandwich at Subway. First time off my chair all morning. Phew. #
  • @injenuity I wish I could join you there, but I just used my funding for this year . . . #
  • I am amazed at how many pictures from nv08 continue to be added. I have seen them tagged with lots of variations. More standards next year? #
  • PLanning on using Elluminate for my first meeting this Friday. They have a wonderful free version for up to 3 people. #
  • @injenuity That was the fastest I have ever seen a Tweet request answered! #
  • @injenuity That was the fastest I have ever seen a Tweet request! #
  • With the dollar at a record low to the Euro, guess I will not be going to Europe any time soon #
  • @injenuity Do you use the free version or the larger, hosted packages? #
  • @arjunsingh I see you like Twitter! #
  • @injenuity The best for your doc visit. #
  • @abenamer Interesting that you look at your Google page rather than the window for the weather. BTW, if in NYC now, it is about to rain. #
  • About to walk home in the rain. #

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