Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-24

  • At the end of nv08 there was a nice closing session. I won a bag for having traveled the farthest. Vancouver from New York. #
  • #nv08 Northern Voice is well worth the trip. What a wonderful conference! #
  • At the Vancouver airport. I tend to get to the airport early, but an hour before the ticket counter even opens?! #
  • I am on the only US-bound flight that does not clear customs here in Canada. My flight arrives from Hong Kong. #
  • Then the flight goes to NY. The flight is already an hour late. Hope the airport has wifi access. #
  • @cogdog Ouch! I hope somebody else recorded it. I heard good things about it! #
  • @currie I was in the back tyring to grok all in completion. Liveblogged about my insecurities instead . . . #
  • Did anybody at #nv08 notice that Facebook was hardly mentioned at all? #
  • Twitter seemed to be the killer app of choice. #
  • I don’t think the #nv08 crowd goes much for the FB walled garden, especially not with Matt and the open source keynote. #
  • @dmcordell I had the same experiences when I taught hs and ms for years. No trust. Of course, the lack of trust was in both directions, too. #
  • @_Yarbo_ Glad you enjoyed it and found it useful. What do you envision doing differently now as a result? #
  • @brlamb The conversational style is something we are intentionally trying to promote. Spent too many years talking at people. Does not work #
  • Went through security. Had the random search and pat-down. They found me clean, and on my way I went. #
  • Need one more Tim Hortons before my delayed international flight while still at Vancouver Airport. #
  • Reading all the interesting Tweets from #nv08. #
  • @dmcordell Principal a former teacher probably caught between everybody’s issues. Not fun. #
  • @dmcordell I attended a Facebook 101 session at Northern Voice and blogged about it. Still don’t see the big deal about FB. #
  • @dmcordell I no longer support the FB walled garden. Nothing is able to be seen without logging on. I don’t like when my info is trapped. #
  • @betsyweber What are you planning to screencast? #
  • @betsyweber Sounds like a good idea. As I have been struggling with Facebook (a timewaster), how about how to efficiently use it for work? #
  • @dmcordell These things are never easy. Then again, what is?! #
  • Onto the plane. See you next year, Vancouver and #nv08. #

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