Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-05

  • Ever have those days where you are so busy you don’t realize it is almost over? Ironing now at 11:35 pm. This is my first Tweet. #
  • Just voted. #
  • The archaic votong machine my election district uses in NYC broke, so we all had to use paper ballots. #
  • They gave me a ballot for the wrong party without asking me, so I gave the person an earful about making assumptions. #
  • Running around the building doing paperwork that should have already been done, but the request for it just reached me. #
  • @levjoy At least your voting machine was working. I had to do a paper ballot. #
  • @brlamb Go for it! #
  • @pinoyboy Paczki? #
  • L:New York City #

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