Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-03

  • On the #3 train in the first car with some crazy guy singing and dancing toward the door that does not open. No wonder the car was empty. #
  • Saw Mama Mia tonight. Much more entertaining than I thought it would be. #
  • Forgot how much I love the music of Abba. #
  • Finally worked out at the gym this morning. Finished reading a new book on Tagging while doing cardio. Will blog about it tomorrow. #
  • Going to the NY International Gift Fair to see Michael Storrings’ booth 7552 in G1. His ornaments and tabletop are there. #
  • At the Gift Show. Had no idea it was so large. Everything from ornaments to candles to cabinets to wall hangings to lamps. At the Javits. #
  • Told I should not take any photos. Strange. Perhaps vendors never heard of free marketing and online exposure? #
  • Very busy and crowded. This is one of the two of these shows a year where retailers buy all the gift merchandice you see in most stores. #
  • Enjoying all the scents in the personal care, soaps, and reed diffuser area. Talk about creating desires that were not there before . . . #
  • Just saw Chinese delivery man distributing Chinese take-out menus on the exhibition floor. #
  • Been to the Javits more times than I can count, but never saw the food court there until now. #
  • Been to the Javits more times than I can count, but never saw the food court there until now. #
  • Personal pizza and large Diet Coke from the fountain. $11.25 on MasterCard. Priceless. #
  • The videos in the Javits are showing ads for The Little Mermaid opening in December and the Nicholas Cage movie opening in December. Dated? #
  • Just saw another Chinese delivery man being escorted out of the conference hall. Yikes! #
  • Nothing like looking up at the Javits’ ceiling in to see the tarps and drain hoses to catch the water from the countless leaks in the roof. #
  • Deplorable physical condition of this major convention center. Rebuilding it is far too expensive. What to do? #
  • The Javits has two small outside decks facing the Hudson River. Beautiful outside and very under-utilized space. They should have seats here #
  • Just saw a Starbucks. I am now #25 in line. Perhaps they need another one? #
  • Strange to be at a gift show where I cannot buy anything to take with me. #
  • @betsyweber That is what we have been wanting to hear! #
  • Done at the Javits for the day. Long day. Now home to play with the dogs before dinner engagement. #
  • @betsyweber Will be great to see you and nice to meet @globalhermit. I found great rates at a trendy hotel for Northern Voice, BTW. #
  • @betsyweber I am staying at the Pacific Palisades Hotel in Vancouver for Northern Voice. #

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