Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-27

  • Having a relaxing Sunday morning. First time in a while. #
  • @pinoyboy Like the new Twitter icon. #
  • Feel like I have been so busy I am behind on reading Tweets. #
  • I think I have to trim some of the Tweets I follow. Too many people talking about things I am not very interested in following. #
  • I think I will also have to trim the RSS feeds I follow (and list on my blog) #
  • I am having such trouble following them that I am beginning to get discouraged to keep up with them due to being overwhelmed. #
  • @macboyx & @pinoyboy Nice pic for such a small camera. Amazing how tech is changing simple things we do. #
  • @macboyx & @pinoyboy How do you both track and manage Tweets? #
  • @macboyx I tried that when I first joined, but found that I quickly approached my 1000 texts a month. Do you have an unlimited account? #
  • @howardgr That is partially my view of research, though Google is only one of many search technologies in the bag of tricks! #
  • @howardgr I do find my search terms at times are different than how others search. Perhaps that is why tagging is so imprecise? #
  • @howardgr That may be why I always struggled in libraries with the old card catalogs. I needed to search for keywords as well! #
  • Bought a new Timbuk2 bag for Northern Voice. #

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