Northern Voice Bootcamp, Here I Come!

I am planning to attend this year’s Northern Voice 2008 in Vancouver. I will be presenting, with my colleague Robin Yap, at a new feature in the Moosecamp unconference, called Internet Bootcamp.

The proposal that Robin and I submitted is:

northernvoice2008square2.jpgLiveblogging as Active Participation

Do you want to actively report, interpret, and comment upon what happens around us in real time? Think only professional journalists can do this? If so, then think again! Liveblogging is a term for when people blog about events and presentations as they unfold, with all the personal feelings and thoughts through which we see the world. Unfiltered. Raw. Authentic. Liveblogging is active involvement, allowing us to both co-creator our meaning while we publish it on blogs in real time. This session will explore how people liveblog, its usefulness in an age of social media, and some best practices. A future research agenda will be also be explored.

This has not appeared on their website yet, but that is indeed what we are working on.

Do you liveblog? If not, consider attending our session! If you do, do you have any suggestions or recommendations about how or what we cover? This is something that many people do, and we are hoping we can create a forum to talk about this. Hopefully we can learn something from one another!

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