Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-18

  • Feeling under the weather. What a week thus far. #
  • @macboyx Pics first? #
  • @cogdog Are you going to Northern Voice this year? Saw you added yourself to the list. #
  • not feeling very well today, so staying home to try to recover a bit. #
  • Will still check email and have a scheduled teleconference. #
  • Otherwise, will hope the strength of my dogs sends me positive vibes and makes me feel better. #
  • Trying to rest. Don’t want to get sicker. #
  • Walked to the post office to get some air. Beautiful outside. #
  • Too bad not feeling well otherwise. #
  • Playing with a new template for my blog. #
  • I like the new blog theme I am trying. #
  • I did find two issues with it. First, there is no tag line. Second, I cannot separatw the two sidebars. Otherwise, like it. #

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