Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-13

  • There was no traffic coming into Manhattan via the Lincoln Tunnel. Amazing for a Saturday night. Perhaps everybody is already here? #
  • Perhaps 8:30 on a Saturday night is still too early for the crowds to come in? #
  • Doing laundry. Then fold and iron. I wonder if I could do ironing consulting? #
  • Just finished starching and ironing a pile of shirts. Phew. #
  • Actually, I do not mind ironing, starching, and even folding shirts with a folding board. The challenge is often to find the time for it. #
  • I just noticed my email announcements and Twitter announcements are once again working with my upgraded WP! #
  • Going to the bookstore. Have been working inside all day. Has gotten cold out. Supposed to snow tonight. #
  • I have jury duty tomorrow, which should be fun in the snow. #
  • @kristiewells Would buy cookies from them if you can ship to #NYC. I can’t find any Girl Scouts here. #
  • Just bought a new French dictionary for the French class at #FIAF I am taking. Somehow feels more serious now I bought a new dictionary. #

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