Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-11

  • Just bought banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery. Believe it or not, there was no line. #
  • Just found a website of a company, #CastleMagic that builds Medieval style castles #
  • Slept later than normal, yet still made it to work on time. Interesting how that sometimes happens. #
  • HelpDesk just replaced my computer. Not with a new one, but being the same model. Switching my hard drive means all programs are installed! #
  • Meeting a former colleague from my last job for lunch. #
  • Just got soaked in a thinder storm that just started in #NYC. #
  • We just had loud, prolonged thunder, which is unusual for Midtown #Manhattan. #
  • Anybody know a good, rugged laptop knapsack that does will not make me look like a target? #
  • @jjprojects Missing the eye. #
  • @brightwings Great idea! Will certainly raise some responses with my colleagues once I get there! #
  • @chrisgarrett Do you let the puppy sleep in the bed? Helps with bonding (and co-dependency, I am afraid). #
  • Joined a SCoPE session that just started on Intellectual Property #
  • @NancyWhite How fierce! #
  • Working late tonight. Have to finish creating slides for an important meeting next week. #

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