Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-09

  • Just booked my flight to #NorthernVoice #NV08 or even #NV2008 ! #
  • Vancouver is the first stop, with the rest of the people going on to Hong Kong. The world is getting smaller. #
  • @Currie Will be great to see you at #NV2008 too! #
  • @dmcordell I remember the amount of snow last year. The weather was very deceiving. #
  • @kristiewells Obama seems like a nice fellow, but he does not strike anything in me. In some ways, his energy seems somewhat forced. #
  • I went to a new moon ceremony tonight. Too much mantra chanting for my likes. #
  • Nothing but computer problems again this morning. #
  • Philippe de Montebello will be retiring this year as the director of the #Metroplitan Museum of Art. He has been there for 30 years. #
  • de Montebello made both the cover of the #NYTimes and the front page of the Arts section of the Times. #
  • Under him the museum has become the world-class institution it is now. His shoes and influence on culture will be hard to fill. #
  • Finally got MS #Project to work for a project status meeting. Printed a report with one minute to spare. #
  • Eating a 12" Veggie Delight from Subway. Filling and somewhat healthy. #
  • @RobinYap That will be fun at the gym! #
  • About to take a new French class. I always wanted to study at the #FIAF. #

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