Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-08

  • @fncll Which ones didn’t you like? #
  • Just ate a vegetarian lentil casserole and some Christmas pudding with brandy butter. #
  • Think I will go to the gym for a brief workout. I have been eating like we are approaching a famine. #
  • @heyjudeonline Which application for mobile Tweets? #
  • @RobinYap You showed the generation gap by referring to chris brown as "this artist." #
  • Computer problems at work again. Computer turns off without warning. No shutting down or blue screen or anything. #
  • Frustrating since the Help Desk cannot reproduce the issue. How otherwise can they troubleshoot? #
  • @RobinYap It seems to be working again, somewhat mysteriously #
  • Just facilitated a #project review meeting. #
  • Working on an agenda for a steering committee meeting I am #managing next week. #
  • So warm here in #NYC that I had to turn on the air conditioning when I got home. Take that, high fuel oil prices! #
  • Irony does not easily translate into Twitter, it seems. #

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