Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-07

  • Warm out tonight in NYC. #
  • Wondering why it is dark and cloudy when NY is supposed bright and sunny. #
  • My computer is not working at work, again. #
  • At least there is another computer I can use, but it does not have MS #Project and #SnagIt, two programs I use daily. #
  • HelpDesk just came. Of course, my computer seemed to work fine when he was here. #
  • @pinoyboy Are you sure it was your bank and not a #phisher? #
  • Going for Korean food at #Mandoo Bar. #
  • Wishing TwitterBerry would show more Friends’ Timelines. #
  • Wishing TwitterBerry would show more Friends’ Timelines. #
  • Turned out to be a beautiful day in NY. Got coffee outside without a jacket. Weathermen were right on target today. #
  • Just watched a great Camtasia video on geotagging with Flickr. #
  • @rachelclarke Not following your Amazon and PayPal comment; what do you mean? #
  • @rachelclarke . . . and perils of increasing our debt with nifty books and other online goodies! #
  • The Northern Voice 2008 #NV2008 schedule is available #
  • The schedule for #Moosecamp2008 does not seem available online yet. #
  • @NancyWhite I never got used to the "+" sign with tags. I tend to make them all one word or use an "_". I wish there were consistency! #

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