Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-06

  • Went into a nice Italian restaurant on the Upper West side. Cash only. Who will order a bottle of wine and dinner in Manhattan with cash? #
  • Even the taxis and McDonald’s in the city take debit and credit! #
  • Ended up eating Mexican. Less expensive than the cash-only Italian, and more food, too! #
  • Love shopping at #GraciousHome. #
  • @gapingvoid I think you mean "Bubblegeneration." They are both cool names, though! #
  • Creating a new tag cloud on my blog. Have changed how I do this over the years. #
  • @heyjudeonline What do you mean "somehow social networking is about authenticity"? #
  • @heyjudeonline Do you think all people who engage in social networking are authentic? #
  • @heyjudeonline Or is that your approach that you hope others follow as well? #
  • @macboyx Why so tired already? #
  • @arjunsingh You have been quiet for a long time. All twittered out? #
  • @RobinYap What is a kindle? #
  • @heyjudeonline Ahh. I was thinking you were talking about what bloggers say is what they mean or believe or think. #
  • @heyjudeonline As opposed to writing for an audience and not meaning what they write. #
  • @heyjudeonline That is one of the interesting facets of communication – I read your words through my own voice, experiences, and assumptions #
  • @pinoyboy I tried to dry some of my spearmint, but it only made a mess. How do you do it well? #
  • @macboyx Lucky you! May tonight be better . . . #
  • @macboyx With that, I will stop my 2 hours of Twitter, tweaking my blog, and following endless links into the "Wow, how cool!" #
  • @macboyx I will off to read myself to sleep. At least we have no snow and tomorrow is really a day off. #
  • @heyjudeonline What is Edublogosphere? When I followed your link, there was no info; only a password request. #
  • Just wrote a post about PowerPoint and message titles #
  • I think Garr at would approve. #
  • Referred to some recent items of #PresentationZen #
  • Waiting for a table at Cafe Cluny. How can so many people be up for brunch already? #

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