Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2007-12-21

  • There is something comforting about eating cereal for dinner. #
  • @ErnieAtLYD What is it? Just looked, and it states it is not open yet. #
  • Grading now. Strange, this is the part that always makes me sad. #
  • In a department quarterly meeting. I will present a status update soon. #
  • Mmmmm . . . managed care . . . #
  • Q&A in a presentation, but the screensaver on the projector is making me dizzy. #
  • Got a S’Mores maker at the white elephant gift exchange. Cool. #
  • Done with work for a week. First time off without micro-planning in a long long time. #
  • Lots of traffic outside tonight. Strange since the subways and streets were empty today. #

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