Twitter Updates for 2007-12-20

  • Watched "The Year Without A Santa Claus." I love the Miser Brothers! #
  • Having WordPress problems with install-helper.php #
  • Twitter Tools seems to be having some issues when I select to have my Tweets convert to blog posts. #
  • Preparing for a large, 2-hour project review meeting that I am facilitating. #
  • The meeting went well. Eating a Veggie Delight from Subway before the 12:00 noon meeting. #
  • left-over bacon in the kitchenette . . . sweet! #
  • @macboyx What makes you fearful? #
  • @kristiewells I love wasabi peas! #
  • @pinoyboy Ahh, something else in my life I never had. #
  • @macboyx & @pinoyboy Are they really that bad? #
  • Got coffee to help me finish building a departmental meeting project status report. I love project management. #
  • I reinstalled WordPress last night. Knock on wood the error message will stay away. #
  • Seems Twitter Tools is working again. Sorry for all the updates . . . #
  • @pinoyboy I would prefer a research paper or conference proposal any day over those two! #

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