Dinosaur Mummy

I read about this fascinating scientific find in North Dakota, almost nine years ago, where a mummified dinosaur was found. This is the first time an intact dinosaur with its mummified skin has ever been studied. The National Geographic Channel Hadrosaurwill have a special on this, Dino Autopsy,  this Sunday at 9:00 pm (EST I believe, though they do not state that).

The National Geographic Channel website has a handy email or text notification service for this program, which is a rather convenient feature.

I have always loved learning about dinosaurs, as they seem like such magical and mythical creatures. My mind cannot really wrap around what it must have been like millions of years ago when these beasts moved around the world, and thriller movies and books only heighten the interest in them. I am a member of the American Museum of Natural History, and took some wonderful photos of their dinosaur exhibit when I visited the museum last Fall (though I never seem to have uploaded them for some reason).

I wonder how they became extinct? I wonder if we may, too?

6 thoughts on “Dinosaur Mummy

  1. Jeffrey…Coincidently, several noteworthy dinosaur fossil stories have appeared in the news over the past weeks. One that I found of particular interest noted the discovery of an intact skeleton from a dig site in Siberia. The fossilized remains are reported to be of an adult Thesaurus, a land bound herbivore that predated other more widely known sauropods.

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