PodCamp NYC 2.0

I'm going to podcamp nyc 2, feb 29 - mar 1, join meAfter the wonderful success of this past year’s successful PodCamp NYC (now re-branded as PadCamp NYC 1.0), it appears there will be another one in 2008. Listed as PodCamp NYC 2.0, this one promises to be even bigger (i.e., it is now 2 days instead of one) while still being free. This is an amazing feet, in that last year as an unconference (which had formal presentations, somewhat unconferency-like) it attracted 800 people. It is branching into Brooklyn this time, and will be held at Polytechnic University, which is in the process of formally merging (being bought?) into New York University. I know that I learned a lot last year by attending this, and while I am still not a podcaster and do not listen to many regularly, I am looking forward to learning a lot more. Hey, maybe I will podcast at some point after all!

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