Speculating on the Future of Digital Tools for Qualitative Research: An Article Summary

Getting the week off with some research reading and summarizing via #5Papers, I wanted to dive back into my world of qualitative inquiry with an article summary of a piece in Qualitative Inquiry!

1/  I read Davidson, Paulus, & Jackson (2016) Speculating on the future of digital tools for qualitative research. Qualitative Inquiry. http://doi.org/10.1177/1077800415622505

2/ The authors presented a brief overview of the development and use of Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS) and the Internet

3/ While these tools are becoming more powerful, they are not consistently taught, even at a time of more qualitative research opportunities via the internet

4/ Even I use QDAS tools, though would not consider them beyond a specific gathering and analysis project; seems a gap

5/ Issues of ethics, curation / archiving, and future qualitative researcher training are explored

6/ Tech mashups and communities of practice are both next steps with qualitative research tools

7/ My own take-away has me wondering why there are so few discussions like this, and how valuable they can be

8/ Qualitative tools are only as limited as our ways of conceiving them #5Papers

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