When community is not community: A #clPoem for #CLmooc

alone_cat_tracksHave you ever had the experience of trying to join a community but somehow, something or someone or some time or another  just does not allow it to work out? Some experiences this past week inspired me to this poem, again in the spirit of Making via the #CLmooc experience.

When community is not community

When community is not community,
No matter how we try.
With tags, and supporter, and guidelines
what I do, and you do, and we do together,
still somehow it escapes,
and evades,
and hides
before our noses.
How does it feel when
a part is more apart?
For others it seems to work, but not for me.
Does trying or wanting factor in
when fitting just does not?
That’s ok?
Alignment is not for all at all times.

In the spirit of creating, a couple of us who seem to have some interest in poetry have been considering a tag for them, and after considering of #clPoet or #CLpoem, seems the latter may be more fitting.

Finally, I am categorizing the poems I write throughout #CLmooc in this new Poetry category I created. Hope they may be helpful or meaningful in some way to at least a couple people in our community.