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Jeffrey Keefer

PhD in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning (Educational Research) ~ Learning and Development Project Manager (Clinical Education) ~ Internet Researcher ~ Adjunct Professor @NYU & @PaceU in New York City.

Research interests cover educational research and interdisciplinarity. I focus on distance and online learning, internet research, digital identity, social learning and social media, networked and technology enhanced learning, threshold concepts and liminal experiences in higher education, teaching and program design in adult and organizational learning, communities of practice, qualitative methodologies, narrative inquiry, and actor-network theory.

My professional work is at JeffreyKeefer.com

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-02-29

@iFreulein Relying only on computer apps for recording requires an over-reliance on Skype, which in my experience is risky #phdchat in reply to iFreulein # @iFreulein I did lots of interviews via Skype and phone, and strongly encourage people to use an external recorder and earpiece mic #phdchat in reply to iFreulein # Tangible [...]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-02-28

I am looking for flights to Dublin in June and can't find anything less than $1100. What am I doing wrong? # @kmulliner Happy B'Bay!! in reply to kmulliner # @Eingang Happy to share once I do a little more tweaking! Anything I can do to help others not spend this amount of time. [...]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-02-27

To celebrate my success finally taming #Scrivener went to Little Italy fir dinner and Chinatown for dessert #nyc # The #Scrivener compile settings are more complicated than they have to be, and the APA 6 template did not account for the heading levels. # I spent 3 more hours working on #Scrivener compile settings. [...]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-02-26

@arjunsingh Sending you and yours positive vibes. Let us know how it goes. in reply to arjunsingh # @DrGarcia Can you grab me a snack en route?! in reply to DrGarcia # @arjunsingh Awful to hear in reply to arjunsingh # @HendraAgustian What did you sing? in reply to HendraAgustian # @HendraAgustian Book 3 [...]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-02-25

Enjoying drinks as we take a colleague out to celebrate her EdD. # Busier day than I expected for a Friday. #

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