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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-04-30

I had a long massage on Wed night and here I already have a huge knot in my back again. # Looks like they are building bike lanes down 7th Ave in #NYC Fantastic. # If only the Royal Wedding would be as fun as this version of what it could be # Powered…

Research Time Planner (as GANTT)

I am still developing the column headings for the planner that I presented yesterday, and while this is certainly beyond what The Clockwork Muse discusses, I think that having a project plan that includes all of the main elements that will take time in the doctoral thesis process (I am a project manager, after all),…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-04-29

Here I thought I was to catch up on email + dive into my research, and I realize my funk has been sociomusical disconnectedness #phdchat # "Can you hear me, major Tom?" Yes, Bowie still haunts us today. # Goodness, what is TweetDeck doing? Just discovered a number of Mentions I have not acknowledged. Alas.…

Research Time Commitment Planner

Thinking a little more deeply about scheduling and managing time for writing my doctoral thesis, as a continuation of my post yesterday about The Clockwork Muse, I am wondering how to also build in the time for reading and doing the research / transcription itself. While there is a great amount of time that is needed…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-04-28

Am in our Queens office today facilitating focus groups. I love these, and find the results are very important for future project direction. # Powered by Twitter Tools