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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-30

Going into Act III of Don Carlo. Good gods, it is hot in here. #MetOpera # First of the 2 intermissions of Don Carlo at the #MetOpera # First of the 2 intermissions of don Carlo at the #MetOpera # Wonderful surprise with Don Carlo. It is fantastic. # At the #MetOpera for the new…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-29

OK, enough catching up with Twitter. Back to my writing. #phd # RT @cnnbrk: Classified U.S. documents are released by #WikiLeaks published by 4 news outlets. Not sure how I feel # Finished with about as much literature as I can look at for my current research project. How on earth can I make…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-28

This 2 1/2 hour drive that turned into a 4 hour mess back to the city is finally over. # For all the talk about sunshine today, why is it snowing in the Catskills? # Michael Storrings will be signing his ornaments at Bergdorf Goodman today Let's hope the economic recovery continues. # Powered…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-27

At Bloomingdale's on 59th St. for Michael Storrings' ornament and book signing. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-26

Good gods, do I see a line snaking around Best Buy on 23rd St in NYC? In this weather just to buy stuff on sale? #smfh # Anybody planning to submit for or attend ICQI, the 7th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry? I attended the past 2 years. #phd # I like somewhat unstructured Twitter…