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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-10-31

I lost my voice. Somehow related to this sickness I am fighting. How disempowering to not be able to speak or call out. Alas. # Finally sitting down by the fire I just lit, with my Mac and watching The Fellowship of the Ring (LOTR). # Just finished my errands for the day: donated […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-10-30

Took us an hour and a half to get out of Manhattan this evening. #smfh # Where did all this cold air suddenly come from? # Was there a roster of attendees or contact information distributed at #ir11 Realizing some people who I want to contact are not on Twitter. # The cold is […]

IR11 Learnings

Now that a few days since the end of the AoIR Internet Research 11 (#IR11) conference, and I am struggling to get back into my regular work and studies, I want to take a few moments to debrief my experience and list some of the take-aways I have.

While I liveblogged all the sessions I […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-10-29

I just sent back an old fashioned at Cipriani in Grand Central. They made it with salt instead of sugar. # I just received my mid-term grade sheets. Too bad the class already ended. Oh well, will submit the forms with information from 2 weeks ago. # I just learned how to search the […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-10-28

Interesting; it seems the Tweet count only counts public Tweets, and not Direct ones. # In addition to my non-stop runny nose, I now have a scratchy throat. Yuck. Think healthy thoughts. Think healthy thoughts. # How can my nose still be running? # Endless meetings today. Running out of energy. #

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