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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-08-31

I am still discussing issues I am now aware of regarding the transcription of research interviews this week. # Just learned that Greenwich Village 10014 is the 3rd most expensive zip code in the US: Bohemians beware??? # The doorman said he saw a large raccoon walk up the sidewalk in the…

Research Interview Transcription Issues

I am nearly finished with my transcription, and as I mentioned last week, I am quickly becoming aware of the politics around transcription, namely those where people assume (uncritically, of course!) the way they handle these issues are done in the same way by everybody engaged in transcription.  Into the literature I went for some…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-08-30

Great suggestions for webinar best practices. # Beginning my day of transcription. # Tomorrow, to transcribe! # Drove 400 miles today. A record for me. Now, time for some wine and a winding down for the night. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

The Reader Movie as Complexity

I watched the movie The Reader last night, and was surprisingly pleased with it. The “secret” (as if there were only one) it addresses is one that unfortunately lingers even today in many situations and experiences. Set within post-World War II Germany and the present, it was stronger and more touching than I imagined. One…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-08-29

Awful traffic on the Jersey Turnpike going south where the two lanes merge. # Headed for a long drive though the rain today. # Rain. Fog. Cold. No Critical Mass NYC for me tonight :-( # Looking increasingly likely that no Critical Mass NYC ride for me this evening; too much rain :-( # Powered…