Class Blog Policy (Disclaimer)

I posted this in my online class where I listed all the class member blogs, and thought some of my online colleagues may find it potentially interesting:

As a reminder, blogs out there on the Blogosphere (the online world of blogs) are generally public, which means that anybody anywhere can see them. I do not think it would be ethical for me to publicly require you to post to the world about what you are learning in our class, and this is one of the reasons I stated in the syllabus and in our session last week that your blogs do not have to be public to anybody outside of this class. With this in mind, I believe there is great value in learning and engaging in the process of speaking publicly (that is part of the role of being an educator, IMHO), and as such encourage you to use your blog to build your online presence and persona, encourage feedback for your thinking and online work,  and to foster community with others who have similar interests (both professional and personal).