Today Begins National Poetry Month

Today begins National Poetry Month #NationalPoetryMonth, an event facilitated by the Academy of American Poets (did you know I am a member of them?).

I have been writing poetry over the past half-year or so as both a creative pursuit as well as an opportunity to express myself. What better way to do this than by participating in #NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month), an open opportunity for participants to try to write one poem a day in April. You may find the #NaPoWriMo tag on Twitter rather active this April!

I will take part in this, and while I may not discuss it every day this month, it may be due in part to my needing to take time to wax poetic or at least to try to reflect and creatively articulate my experiences!

You are invited to Wikipedia Day 2018!

Wondering what to do this coming Sunday, 1/14?

Tired of watching the same shows on Netflix and afraid of being bored over the long holiday weekend?

Looking to learn about how to engage in participatory Democracy at its best (while fighting Fake News) through contributing to open and free knowledge for all?

If so, you may be interested in attending all (or part) of Wikipedia Day 2018 NYC, a FREE all day celebration and mini-conference hosted by Wikimedia New York City at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan this coming Sunday.

I will be there and presenting some work on an education panel, and you are welcome to attend!

Let’s make 2018 off to a great start!