Iraq and 9/11

After seeing the Tribute in Light last night, I have been thinking about the causes of the current war in Iraq.

How did we go from Osama in Afghanistan to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to the mess we are in now, with no end in sight and many many people in Iraq in a more dangerous situation than under Sadam himself?Whatever happened with Osama, anyway? Perhaps he got clouded in the dust around Bagdad?

This war is certainly not helping oil prices, which went to an all-time high today.

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World Trade Center Tribute in Light

World Trade Center Tribute in LightI took these photos this evening of the Tribute in Light where the World Trade Center used to stand. These and a few of the other photos I took of this are on my Flickr account.  As much as this is a reminder of a tragedy that happened six years ago, it is also a reminder of what happens when issues remain unresolved. Healing can take place, but it appears that those who caused this still have not been brought to justice. I think we have a lot left to learn about the events before and since 9/11, about ourselves as well as the extremists who caused this to happen. World Trade Center Tribute in Light

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Senator Craig: “I Am not Gay” Cartoons

I came across this list of editorial cartoons about Senator Craig and the Republican “Family Values:” 

Some of these are critical of a whole range of issues, yet humor can be both revealing as well as instructive, among other things. However, I am still somewhat unclear as to what exactly his crime was.