“Faculty Support” Research Progress #3 ~ Transcription (STILL)

I really wish I can do transcription faster than I have been for my research project. With the draft due in 8 more days and here I am still transcribing away, I am getting a bit concerned.

Let’s see; how can I create time this week?

7 thoughts on ““Faculty Support” Research Progress #3 ~ Transcription (STILL)

    1. @Nellie-

      Thank you for the kind offer; I really appreciate your energy and generosity. I think I can get all this done in the next week, and while I do not often admit it, I think the pressure and need to organize myself a bit more will be good for me.

      However, I will reach out to you if I sense myself going toward a breakdown!!

      Thank you again; I think there are some powerful lessons and opportunities for meaning-making here.


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