“Faculty Support” Research Progress #2 ~ Data Collection Complete

I am happy to share that I have now completed the data collection for my Faculty Support: Doctoral Students, Threshold Concepts, and Technology Enhanced Learning research project. Thank you for all the people who have generously shared their time, contacts, networks, and interests with me along the way. I hope my findings will be useful, or at least interesting, for those who have supported me in this endeavor.

Now, where is my transcription foot pedal again? Decided I have to go back and do the transcription myself, as the last time I did it, there were too many corrections along the way I had to make.

5 thoughts on ““Faculty Support” Research Progress #2 ~ Data Collection Complete

    1. @Ian Robson

      Yes, it is a stepping stone! This is the last empirical research I will engage in until I submit my doctoral thesis proposal, so I am hoping I learn as much as I can in the process to help me narrow my area in January.

      Stay tuned!!


  1. When you get done with the worst part of the research process (transcription), let me know, and I’ll show you around MAXQDA.

    1. @Michael J. Sharp

      I may just take you up on the offer, Michael. I have been playing around with MAXQDA 10 for the past few days, though nothing takes the place of an expert tutor. If you are serious AND think you may have some time, can we schedule some time next week?

      Thank you.


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