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Nonheterosexual (cf. GLBT) Youth Suffer Disproportionately

I just received a link about and am a bit frightened by the results of this major scientific study released today by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The study is “Criminal-Justice and School Sanctions Against Nonheterosexual Youth: A National Longitudinal Study,” and their major finding is “Nonheterosexual youth suffer disproportionate educational and criminal-justice punishments that […]

Is President Obama Wavering on Gay Rights?

Anybody else see this editorial, A Bad Call for Gay Rights,  tucked away at the back of this morning’s New York Times? Let’s just say it is not a positive view on how the president is handling gay issues. It ends:

But busy calendars and political expediency are no excuse for making one group of […]

Sexual Identity Development Through Performance Art

Ted McCadden (at Penn State) discussed how identity formation occurs through performance work, especially with pop culture and mass communication.

He uses psychoanalytic branches of transformative learning theory (Boyd and Myers, Dirkxx) and critical media literacy as the theoretical overview. Take the transformative learning model and add on how the receiver of the message […]

Social Frames and Framing

A frame (Snow and Benford) is a “schema of interpretation” – a way of explaining the society around us. An example of a social frame is a school (children, flag outside, etc.). These are socially constructed. Frame alignment is when people agree on social frames and then these people move forward with social movements. This […]

Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS)

Andre Grace is speaking about his new institute at the University of Alberta, iSMSS (Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services), and he explained how he first started doing this work. Quite interesting work. Nice twist with referring to at risk as at promise. Andre always gives me something to think about. He makes a […]