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Axel Honneth

He will present the methodological foundation for his entire book. Axel speaks with a smart German accent. Wow, he is reading his work. Not paraphrasing, but actually reading it. The political changes have not been beyond social criticism. Wow, he just mentioned Foucault's work. Critical theory is out of the Hegelian tradition. The historical past…

ahhh, the Welcome Is Outside

No wonder the Symposium has not yet started; that welcome is outside the room where the presentations will take place. I have no energy to go out there, so will sit here and type and check email. Isn't liveblogging interesting? It is like longer Twittering. Perhaps Twitter (without formatting or image inserts or tags) is…

Nancy Fraser’s Introduction of the Symposium

The symposium was started in 1980 by Reiner Shurmann, the chair of the philosophy department at the time. The purpose was to look at the contemporary issues that were important to Hannah Arendt's thinking. Reiner chaired the philosophy department for many years, especially during the time when the administration was considering eliminating the program. It…

Axel Honneth Introduced by Jay Bernstein

Jay Bernstein introduced Axel Honneth, the director of the Institute of Critical Theory in Frankfurt. Jay said he has made a distinctive contribution within critical theory. Axel has innovated and provided a vision for making critical theory sensitive and applicable to a variety of cases. He is the image of where critical theory will go after Habermas. 

Introduction of the Political Philosophy Symposium

Here I am liveblogging again. I was finally able to connect to the New School wireless network (the instructions for doing so were well hidden on their website, locatable only via a Google search), and thus am hoping to be able ot post this in real time as well. I did not think I was…