Varied. My first writings to my supervisor came back with an email subject line saying “all good”, made me want to open the email 🙂
My first two conferences, really got me nothing beyond my own clarity in writing better, thinking better. feedback zilch.
Most conferences treat my subject as a voyeuristic oddity. My fourth one provided someone with an opportunity just to pass judgement on young people/peer counselling as suspect.
My third conference, a tiny little one, a seminar would be more accurate, this was more informal and positive, but the methodology (narrative) was a bit sideways to my own, but their interest and encouragement was great, what could be included in phd writing especially useful.
My presentation to workplace seminar: I think they wondered on what planet this could be called research.
A three minute thesis competition precipitated me into thinking conclusions, useful, seemed to change gear in my thinking, even though those conclusions are less important than the ones i have now.
Presentations on work in progress to own phd group always invaluable= Feel the support. These people experience the journey and speak with heart. This also helped with reframing of what felt like wicked problems that got me past periods of crisis.
Looking forward to my next one; again topic a bit sideways, but at least method might be understood.