Many thanks, Jeffrey, both for your initial comment and your response to my second post.

First, I will look to see if I can find a way to enable people to subscribe to comments from this blog – there must be a WordPress plug-in for this!

I think one answer to coping with the proliferation and development of technology is increasingly to work in teams or through communities of practice. Many people do this already but it’s often not built into one’s thinking. I’m still finding new ways of using my iPhone and short of reading through the 400 page printed manual you have to rely on other users who have more experience or knowledge. However, it’s all random and unstructured and I feel I should be learning more efficiently.

You raise another point about being ahead of the curve. I think that’s a nice way to put it. I see it more as preaching to the converted. My struggle is to get the right people to listen to the messages, in particular, influential senior research faculty and senior administrators. I feel that most people who are interested in participating in a MOOC are likely to be sympathetic to these ideas, but finding ways to reach senior administrators and influential academics on a large scale has proved to be a challenge.

Anyway, I much appreciate your comments