@Jeff Merrell – Thanks for the feedback.

Good point on this one. While that may be the case within organizations, does that mean that I can or should be selective when I put myself out there to continue to develop my professional identity, if there were some collective learning that were being promoted? In other words, will this mean that if there are not people who can see or otherwise appreciate your contribution, then your professional identity will not be increased?

I can’t help but wonder how keeping knowledge to myself (not sharing with the collective) will maintain a potential card in my hand. I maintain some power if I keep things to myself, though once I share I have nothing left to offer (and thus am not needed in a challenging economy).

Your community of practice example would help level the participants into a community, though I am not sure if collective learning, as per Allison’s work, requires or otherwise promotes a community.

BTW, have you seen this work in formal or professional situations?