Ahmad, wishing you all the best for your upcoming research!

Let me try a response:

1. I use the most current version of Parallels running Windows 7. I find that all together they work very smoothly. I have grown to really dislike Windows apps, and while I do not like to give them any money, I also know that Windows things are so complicated that I do not want to trust my work to hoping things work well together–thus, I paid for it. These apps work very well together, and in fact they are so smooth at times I forget I am using them all on a Mac as it becomes nearly transparent with how they play nice together. BTW, I find MAXQDA colors and the interface friendly and current. Given how complicated analysis can be, this really helps.

2. They regularly attend and support the Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, and are listed here http://www.icqi.org/sponsor.html – not sure why they do not promote this on their own website.

Hope this helps!