I select my own metaphors for my own words.
Your instance on returning to a ‘power’ debate only seems to indicate your lack of experience in ‘doing’ research and producing outputs. Foucault is so sophmoric and over-blown at this point that it has become tedious and not very helpful, at least in the hands of novices.
You seem to feel more comfortable in the common room ‘debating’ with others like yourself than perhaps hearing from someone else who does not share your opinion, but has produced work, not just ruminated about the process of producing it. If this is the ‘power’ that you are so concerned about, then get to work and produce your own ‘power base’ and stop attacking others for doing there’s.
Jeffrey has asked me for my take and my experience in this forum. I am not interested in your opinions or insults, Britta; I have no idea who you are or what your own ‘power’ agenda is. You certainly seem to have one, judging by your insistance on being hyper-critical of my posts.
You posts here are borderline offensive. Please refrain from addressing me here or elsewhere again.