Kip (or shall I call you Susan?!)-

This is delicious!! I especially like the “I am the sorcerer who reminds the audience of themselves;” what a beautiful way of describing autoethnography (a/e)! If this is original (which I believe it may very well be), I can envision quoting it as a current and culturally-timely element of a definition of something that many still struggle with, namely the differences between autoethnography and a more simplistic self-reflective piece.

I should always ask you to distill things to their simplest level for me (hey, I may already be doing that), as getting this from respected experts carries more weight than my defining it on my own (and gives you some interesting blogging material, as well).

I do like personal journey PhD research!

However, that is not quite what I have in mind–I have become more interested in exploring how others have struggled and made meaning of their journeys (ideally, from the framework of others who engage in a/e), which is what I have been blogging about for the past two weeks. I am now struggling with organizing all this into my current module’s research project, especially around the area of troublesome knowledge or transformative learning. I do hope to build upon this project, as I am doing on the previous two, toward my doctoral thesis idea . . .

Beside, even for people who uses a/e in their PhD or other forms of research (and I have interviewed a number of them), their own learning in the process is often in a direction they did not intend in the beginning of the project.

The irony is, those researchers often thought they knew the subject ahead of time, though what they found was often very different than what they expected.

Now, can you sing for me?!