‘My personal story is simply one of the raw materials used to produce my product. What I construct stands alone for what it is (a story, a painting, an A/V production), but comes to life when it engages with the response that it instils in the reader/viewer/audience, “… those wonderful people out there in the dark!”’ http://www.geog.le.ac.uk/orm/futures/futuresperformance.htm

In the best autoethnography, I am always a minor character and/or a conduit to a time, place and other people. I become fictional through writing. I am the sorcerer who reminds the audience of themselves.

Reflexive writing is more like a diary; private thoughts that perhaps I share, perhaps I do not. They remind me of myself. I get to be Proust in private.

To do good research, it is myself that often that I need to get out of the way, so writing about my self may help me accomplish this.

A ‘personal journey’ PhD is often boring and usually takes about twice as much time anyway. If you already know the subject of your research, what is the point of doing it?

Hubris is one of the best Greek words.

Your supervisors should be discussing all of this with you. You can say I said so!