@Kip Jones

I suspect you may be right about the ‘community’ around autoethnography, though the creative element is rather interesting.

I am interested in seeing if that is the case, and otherwise what else can we learn about the topic (not to mention I have another 5 weeks and need to have a research paper to submit at the end, so it may as well be another aspect of the area I am so interested in!).

I know about the Yahoo Group, but not about many others (and certainly not about F2F communities). Some references or links / assessments to them will be helpful, if I may inquire more from you.

Just discovered the FQS reference . . . not having read it yet, can you talk a bit about how she found you and your work? Another small-world story?

I just so happen to be looking for conferences, as I may have an article I recently worked on and which received some positive feedback with some great suggestions for next steps that I may be looking to submit for review . . . Any suggestions for any conferences? I am submitting for my 2010 conference dance card now, so the sooner the better for possibilities.

Kip, your words always help me get the concept better! Thank you!