@Vigdis Stokker Jensen

Thank you for your comment! I really like how you framed reflection–“Reflections are just that – reflective, not spontaneous outbursts.” As often is the case, something which is somewhat taken-for-granted has more levels of meaning than immediately meets the eye. While I generally feel most comfortable and at home with the “individualistic “don’t look over my shoulder”-attitude” that you mentioned, though I know I learn more when I get feedback, when my assumptions get challenged, and when some form of intellectual collaboration occurs.

It is fitting that you mention Wenger’s CoP concept, as that is exactly what we are studying this week!

I think your reflections, and what I have seen on your on blog about your work thus far, that it seems naturally to begin to view our experiences within a more holistic experience than simple sound bites lead us to believe or consider the world. Taken another way, while I rely in Twitter for my sharing and communicating with my social network, here on my own online space can I try to fill in the gaps and make sense of my world. Easier to do quietly in my own mind, though not as fulfilling as with some feedback.